From living on an uninhabited Island in an abandoned lepur colony for a year to living in a mud hut on the Coast of Western Africa, to sleeping in a tent in a village in Rural India. 

I have been incredibly lucky to visit some fantastic places. I hope to become one of the fortunate few whom are able to pursue this life passion and turn it into a life profession. Constantly in the pursuit of new places to explore, new experiences to be a part of and new experiences to remember and recall when my body gives up being physically able and all I am left with is the memory. 

This site will aim to be a reflection on the places i have been and the experiences i have encountered. At times i will reminisce about some of my past experiences, at times I will look toward my upcoming travels. 

If i've been somewhere you plan on going, or if I'm going somwhere you've been, get in touch and share the experience!